Essential Guide In Overcoming Crystal Meth Addiction

The Matrix Model of Meth Addiction Treatment 

Anyone suffering from meth addiction knows how badly it affects your health and well-being. Fortunately, there are treatment options available that can end this addiction and lead to recovery. One of the most popular of these treatment methods is the Matrix Model.

What is Involved in Matrix Model Treatment?

According to Boston University, the Matrix Model is an integrated treatment method developed to combat stimulant addictions, including methamphetamine. There are several elements involved in Matrix Model Treatment, including:

• A focus on group therapy,

• Cognitive-behavioral therapy,

• Contingency management,

• Motivational interviewing,

• Positive reinforcement,

• Regular urine testing,

• Family addiction education,

• Relapse prevention, and

• Self-help involvement.

These elements are all integrated into the program, allowing it to benefit the patient as much as possible in a relatively short period of time. This makes the Matrix Model a highly efficient and productive treatment option.

What Makes the Matrix Model Unique?

Behavioral treatments and counseling are well known in the addiction treatment profession. The same basic principles have been used for many years. However, despite using these same principles, the Matrix Model remains a very unique treatment method. The key aspects that set this apart from other treatments are:

• Non-confrontational relationships between counselors and patients,

• Integrated behavioral therapies,

• A focus on group counseling,

• Positive reinforcement, and

• Inclusion of friends and family into the patient's treatment.

These aspects set the Matrix Model apart from other treatment methods and contribute to its success as a means of ending methamphetamine addiction.

Is it Effective in Treating Methamphetamine Addiction?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the most effective for meth addiction treatment include behavioral therapies and counseling. This, combined with the support structure, testing, and positive reinforcement aspects also involved in this method make the Matrix Model one of the single most effective means of treating a meth addiction.

Why Find Matrix Model Treatment?

An addiction to meth will end your life. The damage that it causes compounds with each day that use continues, until the body is in such poor condition that you cannot survive. It is therefore essential that you receive treatment as soon as possible. It is also important that the treatment you receive works. The Matrix Model is likely your best option in ending your addiction to meth before it is too late.

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